Theatre of Remembrance

About Theater na de Dam/Theatre of Remembrance

The idea of this manifestation was and still is simple: right after the national remembrance of the death of the Second World War on the 4th of May, theatres open their doors for audience to broaden and deepen the commemoration via simultaneously presented theatre-performances of all sorts. The official remembrance in the presence of the king is on Dam square in Amsterdam, hence the manifestations name Theater Na de Dam.

Theater Na de Dam started with seven performances in 2010 in Amsterdam and last year on the 4th of May, over 100 performances took place all over the Netherlands. All the established theatre companies and artist participate, but also the more fringe theatre groups and locations. The public television company broadcasts one part of our program live, all newspapers write about it and even those who are not connected with this specific history – for example immigrants and their children – now have a way to connect to this so important history.

Theater Na de Dam/Theatre of Remembrance and youngsters

Also young people (aged around 12 till 20) perform that evening in theatre projects across neighbourhoods in cities. These projects are small in size and production but big and deep in impact. These projects start a couple weeks before the 4th of May when young people meet and speak to elderly people who were young during the Second World War. We only have a few years left in which these people can tell their stories. These stories form – together with historical information about a city and a location – the inspiration for the theatre performance that the young people make together with a theatre-maker in the weeks after that. Not only the history, but also how this history reflects on todays life and society is part of the performance.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019

Theatre of Remembrance throughout Europe

Because these projects with youngsters have such a great impact and are so important, Theater Na de Dam has the modest ambition to start these projects in European capitals. To do so, we chose the 27th of January, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as a context, rather than the 4th of May which is only a Dutch remembrance day.

In 2017 there was a project in Berlin in cooperation with ACADEMY. In 2018 projects took place in Berlin and Carrara (Italy). In 2019 projects took place in Berlin, Carrara, Copenhagen, Budapest, Prague, Brussels and Amsterdam. The projects are monitored by Jaïr Stranders, artistic director and Hanna Timmers – artistic and productional leader of the youth program of Theater Na de Dam. Click here for the photo gallery of 2019.



11-02-2019 – Looking back on International Remembrance Day 2019
Hanna Timmers wrote a column about the last International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Click here to read her column (in Dutch).

20-12-2018 – Rehearsals in Copenhagen for Theatre of Remembrance
Last weekend, rehearsals started in Copenhagen with a group of ten youngsters. Click here to read a report of the rehearsals written by creator Ilon.

28-11-2018 – Meeting witnesses in Brussels
In Brussels, a group of children and teenagers met with witnesses of the Second World War in order to hear their stories. The stories will be used as basis for the performance on January 27. Click here to read a report written by creator Pleun.


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